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Tusnad Cycling Team officially presented its 2012 continental team

The official presentation of the 2012 Continental Tusnad Cycling Team took place in Miercurea Ciuc ont the 4th of April, in fornt of officials, representatives of the Romanian Cycling Federation, fans and sponsors.
The results of the 2011 competition  season were presented, both of the team’s results aswell as the team leader’s, the triple para-cycling world champinon’s, Novak Carol Eduard’s excelent personal results.
The team members from all categories presented themselves, talking about their work at the team and their goals for the 2012 season.
The elit team, managed by Attila Torok, has 11 members, in front with the 36 year’s old multiple para-cycling world champion and Beijing Paralimpic silver medalist Novak Carol Eduard.
The other members of the 2012 elit team are : the lithuanian Bernatonis Marius, the moldavian Braico Alexander and Sergiu Cioban, the bulgarian Evgeni Gerganov, the slovenian Marcel Ternovsek, Lovassy Krisztián from Hungary, and Csicsáky Tamás, Lázár Nándor Csaba, Lukács Arnold and Sebestyén Szabolcs from Romania. New members of the team are the lithuanian Bernatonis Marius and the hungarian Lovassy Krisztián, and after 2 seasons away, the team wellcomes back the bulgarian  Evgeni Gerganov and Csicsáky Tamas, from Romania.
The componence of the junior team in 2012 is : András Alpár, Cilip Árpád, Gál Oravecz István, Kovács Nándor, Sarány Zsolt, Sárig Andor, Adorjan Előd and Szőcs Antal.
The members of the para-cycling team in this season are : Oláh Attila, Török Imre and Novák Carol Eduárd.
Starting with last year, the trainer of  Novák Carol Eduárd is Cristiano Valoppi, the renowned italian tehnician trainer, the junior team is trained by Ruzsa Lehel, while Novák Carol Eduárd will prepare the elit team and Novák Károly prepares the para-cycling team in this 2012 season.

Novák Carol Eduárd will compete this year with the bycicles of the bulgarian producer Vivelo, while the spanish  BH will supply the rest of the team with bycycles.
The sponsors of the team are : the main- and the name giving sponsor Apemin Tusnad SA, Miercurea Ciuc City Mayor Office, MedExpert, Marien Presso, Tess,  SET , The Council of Harghita County, CASCO, San Genaro,, Cat Line, Bellotto, BH and Vivelo.
Vasile Selejean, the President of The Cycling Federation of Romania (FRCT) expressed in his speach his appreciation for this well organized team with multiple sections (elit, junior and para-cycling ) and for its major part in the romanian cycling life.
He appreciated Novál Carol Eduárd as a living legend of the romanian sports life and said thet he is convinced that Ede could win the gold medal on the Olympics in September.
„ Novák Carol Eduárd is a living legend, who only lacks an olympic gold from his medals. I strongly feel that he can have that too this year, as he works with a great professionalism for this ” said Vasile Selejean. He also appreciated the team’s great relationship with authorities, sponsors and team members. With this occasion, the President of The Cycling Federation of Romania (FRCT) handed over to Eduard the cup for the best Romanian cycler of the year 2011.
The captain of  Tusnad  Cycling Team also declaired,that his main goal for this season is the olympic gold medal, and he will do anything possible to achieve this goal. „ We have  60 more competition days with the team till the Olympic Gamesm, this will be part of my training and preparation for this race.   I will try to be in best shape in September, stay healthy and highly motivated . This year could be the year when I win the gold medal on the Olympic Games and I would like to tell you all, that only gold medal is an option for me. As I said, I will do everything for this and hopefully my dream will become a reality this year.” said the champion is his final speach.