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Tusnad Cycling Team : Eduard Novak, broze medalist in Montichiari

Between 11th - 13th of March 2011, Montichiari, Italy hosted the UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships. Romania was represented by 3 of our team members : Eduard Novak (C4 group), Attila Olah (C2 group) and Imre Torok (C5 group).

The best result was Eduard Novak's 3rd place in Men's 4 km Pursuit (C4). For the 3rd place, Eduard had to overcome the columbian Duenas Gomez Diego German. Jiri Jezek, wo was our team member in last season, won the gold medal, followed by Jody Cundy from Great Britain :

1.  JEZEK Jiri CZE                         4:41.895
2.  CUNDY Jody GBR                   4:44.085
3.  NOVAK Carol Eduard ROU   4:46.488

In Men's 1 km Time Trial (C4) Eduard finished 4th, category won by Jody Cundy who set up a new world record, followed by Terry Byrne, from Great Britain and Jiri Bouska, from Czech Republic :

1. CUNDY Jody GBR                  55.262 WR 
2. BYRNE Terry GBR                 53.180
3. BOUSKA Jiri CZE                   51.723
4. NOVAK Carol Eduard ROU  51.456

For Attila Olah this has been the first world championship, he finished the races in the second half of the classification.

Imre Torok competed in the very strong C5 group, his results are also good and now he has good chances to fight for his participation to the next Paralympic Games in London.