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The Croatian cycler of Tusnad Cycling Team, Matjia Kvasina, won the 2012 Romanian Cycling Tour

The croatian cycler of Tusnad Cycling Team, Romania’s only continental cycling team, Matjia Kvasina won Saturday  the 2012 Cycling Tour of Romania.

Matija paddled towards victory ever since the 5th stage where he won the yellow jersey as the best cycler of the tour and kept it until the end of the competition. He run in as 2nd on Friday on the most difficult stage, the King Stage, where the cyclers reached the finish line at the altitude of 2.094 m, on the Papusa Peak (Varful Papusa)
In the teams’ competition Tusnad Cycling Team ended the tour as 3rd, after the Ukrainian National Team and ISD-Lampre,also from the Ukraine.
Saturday’s last stage was won by the greek Ioannis Tamuridis (SP Tablewere), followed by Lovassy Krisztian from Tusnad Cycling Team 2nd  and Mihai Edi Grosu, cycler of the Romanian National Team as 3rd.
Novak Eduard, the cycler and leader of the team expressed his happiness for the results and his belief that both individually and for the team the results were well deserved and these results reflect best the real value of the team : “We are very happy that we could show our real value. We worked really hard, thought trough every stage before the start and really deserved these results. I want to congratulate the whole team and the staff, because each and everyone has contributed to this success. It was a special day, a dream came true and we all are very happy and very proud of it” – said Ede Novak.