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Cycling Tour of Szeklerland 2011

The 5th edition of the Cycling Tour of  Szeklerland will take place between August 10-13. 2011. The competition is organized by the City Hall of Miercurea Ciuc, and the Harghita County Sports Directorate, in partnership with the Harghita and Covasna County Councils, the City Hall of Sfantu Gheorghe, Targu Secuiesc, Odorheiu Secuiesc abicikli_korverseny_logo_02nd Gheorgheni, and Apemin Tusnad, who is in the same time the main sponsor of the event.

At this year’s edition approximately 110 cyclers will compete from more than 10 countries (Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Austria etc).

The cycling competition will have four stages, all of them having as main point the city of  Miercurea Ciuc. The 4 stages will be done in 3 day. The amateur cycler's competition will be held in three different locations : Harghita Bai, on the streets of Miercurea Ciuc and in Sfantu Gheorghe. 

On the first competiotion day (11th August ), the start will be in Tusnad, at the headquarters of Apemin Tusnad, the main sponsor of the event and the cyclers will have to make 183 km-s on the following route : Tusnad - Pasul Nyerges - Targu Secuiesc - Sfantu Gheorghe - Targu Secuiesc - Pasul Nyerges - Miercurea Ciuc.

On the 2nd day ( 12nd August ) the competition will start from Miercurea Ciuc and will have 182 km, following the next route : Miercurea Ciuc - Vlahita - Bradesti - Suseni - Joseni - Gheorgheni - Miercurea Ciuc - Pasul Tolvajos - Harghita Bai.

The 3rd competition day will have two stages, one individual time race in the 7 km long Harmaskereszt - Harghita Bai / Hotel Ozon route and one stage of 123 km starting from Miercurea Ciuc - Racu - Mihaileni - Frumoasa - and ending with a circuit on the roads of Miercurea Ciuc. 

The Cycling Tour of Szeklerland aims to promote the cycling sport and the beauties of the landscape of this region aswell.