Who We Are
Nature and purity in every drop of water →
100% local company

Apemin Tusnad was founded in 1999 through the division of Perla Harghitei SA. The privately owned company has soon become a well known player on the Romanian mineral water market.

Our goal is to offer to our customers the same pure mineral water that emerges from the Harghita volcanic mountains, in high-quality and safety standards.

The Tusnad mineral waters emerge from the depths of the Harghita volcanic mountains, in a clean area, with fresh air and dense, shaded pine tree forests. We want to transmit this beauty and purity with every drop of water that we offer to our clients.


  • the quality of the products
  • respect for the environment
  • respect for the community
  • protection of natural resources
  • active involvement in health education
  • technological innovation
  • harmony and development

Community involvement
Apemin Tusnad  actively takes part in activities that promote an environmentally conscious healthy lifestyle. The company is the main sponsor of many Harghita based professional sport teams (Tusnad Cycling Team, Hockey Club Csikszereda, Turbulencia Sports Association) and prestigious international sport events (Szekler Supermaraton, Cycling Tour of Szeklerland).

The quality of our products and the impeccable collaboration with our clients set the basis of Apemin Tusnad's strategy.

"In order to transmit the beauty and purity of these places, we need to learn to respect and protect the nature", Balázs Bécsi Zsolt, General Manager Apemin Tusnad.