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Certified quality

With over 10 million euro investments into technology, Apemin Tusnad currently holds a 42 000 liters/hour production capacity, which ranks the company as one of the main mineral water bottlers of Romania.

The deferisation of the water, the only process permitted by the legislation in this field, is done by a  25 m3/h capacity German made installation. From the deferisation station the mineral water is pumped to the two EU standard bottling lines. tusnad_fabrica_002_400

The Sig Simonazzi bottling line has a 9000 bottles/hour production capacity and it is used for the production of our 2l volume Tusnad mineral waters and the 2,5 l Izvorul Ascuns table water.

The Krones bottling line has a 12 000 bottles/hour production capacity and it facilitates the bottling of the 0,5 and 1,5 l Tusnad mineral water, the 2,5 l Izvorul Ascuns table water and the 0,5l and 2l Izvorul Zanelor spring water product.

The whole process is certified since 2002, according to the requirements of the HACCP food safety system.

Apemin Tusnad means 10 years of support and promotion of a healthy lifestyle: from extracting the water in one of the cleanest areas of the country, investments into advanced technologies and actions that aim the conservation of the environment - to the promotion of an active lifestyle and the production of quality products.