Treasuring nature since 1973 →
12 years of Apemin Tusnad

 The bottling of the mineral water is started. The construction works of the factory are finished by the end of 1973. The bottling factory starts its activity with a capacity of 6.000 glass bottles / hour.

The bottling plant from Tusnad is taken over by the re-organised state owned company, Perla Harghitei.

The joint-stock company Apemin Tusnad SA is founded with 100% local capital. The new company is called Apemin Tusnad SA and its major shareholder is Gyárfás Kurkó.

The re-launching of the Tusnad mineral water on the Romanian market. With its new brand identity and its new packaging, the Tusnad mineral water reaches a sales growth of 383% compared to the former year. By the end of the year the company obtains the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification.

The low – carbonated Tusnad mineral water is launched, bottled in 0,5 L and 2 L  PET bottles. Apemin Tusnad SA obtains the HACCP food safety management system certification.

The launching of the Izvorul Ascuns carbonated table water, available initially in 2,0 L PET bottle, and re-launched in 2,5 L format in 2006.

Face-lift of the brand Tusnad. The personality of the Tusnad brand  „from the mountains” is better reflected through the combination of originality, modernity and pureness. In the same time, the new label is printed on PVC material, which gives the product a nicer shine and a much better visibility on the shelf.

The new still water brand, Izvorul Zanelor is launched. With the new slogan, „Pure Life”, Izvorul Zanelor proposes to its consumers a healthy and harmonic lifestyle. The product addresses those who want a pure, light water comming from the mountains, without CO2, available in 0,5 L and 2 L  PET bottles.

The Bulgarian soft drinks brand, Florina is introduced to the market. The Florina product range includes nectars, juices and ice tea, bottled in Tetra Pak.

A new General Manager is appointed. Balazs Becsi Zsolt becomes General Manager due to the withdrawal of Kurko Gyarfas – the major shareholder –  from this function. Mr. Kurko remains active in the company, as the Head of the Council of Administration.

Face lift of the brand Izvorul Zanelor – the new image of pureness. The new brand personality reflects a personality full of colour, imagination and authenticity. The new image of the product reflects the natural purity of the Izvorul Zanelor spring water and of the region that it comes from.

The non-carbonated soft drink, Izvorul Ascuns de Fructe is launched. The product range includes initially three flavours : orange, grapefruit and orange-apple-carrot-lemon enriched with A,C and E vitamins.
The production of the Izvorul Ascuns de Fructe soft drinks is pending at the moment.


The launching of the non-carbonated table water Izvorul Ascuns. The new assortment comes as a completion to the Izvorul Ascuns brand which is already  firmly established in the market, preserving of course the brand's basic characteristics, its advantageous price and quantity ratio and the friendly, familiar personality. 

The first written mentioning of the mineral waters from Tusnad dates back to the 16th century. In 1879  50.000 bottles / year were bottled and sent to many parts of the world. Now the bottling capacity is 42.000 L / hour and around 40 million PET bottles of Tusnad
mineral water are being sold every year.

The whole production process is certified according to the standards of the HACCP Food Safety Management system since 2002.