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Pure and unique natural environment

The Tusnad mineral water has its origin in one of the least polluted regions of Romania. Following  the path of the river Olt through the Harghita volcanic mountains we reach the pass of Tusnad, where we can find three villages with the name Tusnad: Tusnad Sat (Tusnad Village), Tusnad Nou (New Tusnad) and Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Spa).
The region is famous for its numerous mineral water sources that stream forth at each step. The traces of the mineral waters can be found also in the mountain streams, where the rocks are often rusty, coloured by the iron that can be found in the waters. tusnadpeisajdejos020_400

The many natural mineral water sources, the natural healing gases – considered a natural rarity all over Europe – , the salty lakes, the therapeutical muds and peats, the climate factors and the medicinal plants all confer the Tusnad area its pureness and uniqueness.

This is the area where the Tusnad mineral water originates from.

The waters of Baile Tusnad were captured and used for therapy and this made the place famous and earned its name as “The Pearl of Transylvania”. Cardiovascular diseases, affections of the central nervous system, of the digestive system and of the urinary tract are treated here.

The minerals contained by the Tusnad mineral water – calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate – are all essential for the normal functioning of the human body.