The essence of the mountains
Freshness and vitality as in the mountains →
A mineral water with hundred years of tradition


Tusnad proposes to its consumers a direct, intelligent attitude full of freshness and originality. Just like the water that it represents, the Tusnad brand gathers the “essence of the mountains”. The high mineralisation, the purity of the region and the quality of the source confers the water its freshness and vitality, so specific to the mountains.

Streaming from the Harghita volcanic mountains, one of the least polluted regions of Romania, the Tusnad mineral water crosses different volcanic formations on its subterranean path, and this confers to the water its mineral balance and specific taste.

The first written mentioning of the mineral waters from Tusnad dates back to the XVI. century. In 1879,  50.000 bottles of Tusnad mineral water were bottled and sent to different parts of the world. Back then, Tusnad was one of the most famous mineral waters of the region.

The factory was built in 1973, the bottling started in 1974 and it hasn’t stopped ever since. The water was bottled in 500 ml and 2.000 ml glass bottles.

The year 2000 means the start for the bottling in 500 ml, 1.500 ml and 2.000 ml PET bottles. The next year the production in glass bottles is entirely ceased and a new PET bottling line is installed.

The Tusnad mineral water has its origin in one of the least polluted regions of Romania.

The aquifer layers from which the Tusnad mineral water originates are at different depths, which lends the water a stable mineral composition and a constant, optimal temperature.

The Tusnad mineral water is available in different formats, adapted to both home consumption for family type consumers and on-the-go consumption for active people who are permanently on the move.