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Perfectly balanced mineral content

Streaming from the Harghita  Mountains, the Izvorul Zanelor spring water crosses different young volcanic formations during its underground path, which date back to the Pliocene period. It is microbiologically pure already at the source. Having its origin in a volcanic rock, the water has a perfectly balanced mineral content. Due to its purity, its low mineral content and the lack of carbon dioxide, the spring water can be consumed even by those who suffer from stomach affections, being easily assimilated by the organism. The spring water also enlists as baby water and even little children can consume it. The mineral salts contained by the Izvorul Zanelor spring water are essential for the proper development and functioning of the human organism.  

compozitie_izencaCalcium - plays an important role in the growth and the strengthening of the bones and teeth, in the proper functioning of the heart, in blood coagulation and also in metabolism.

mgMagnesium – contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system and the muscle tones. Magnesium is benefic for our nervous system in stressful situations, keeps the human tissue young and our blood vessels healthy. 

naSodium – helps the muscle contraction. It also plays part in the good functioning of the nervous system and the muscle tone. 

kPotassium – contributes to the muscle contraction, to the blood coagulation and the good functioning of the cardiac muscle.  

hcoBicarbonates – plays part in the neutralization of gastric acid. The sodium-bicarbonates, potassium-bicarbonates, calcium-bicarbonates and the magnesium-bicarbonates along the chlorides and phosphates integrate into the blood plasma.