Izvorul Zanelor
Nature's essence in its purest form →
Harmony, balance and health


Izvorul Zanelor proposes to its consumers a colorful personality full of imagination and originality, reflecting these values through the brand’s name and through the purity and the freshness of the water.

A harmonious, balanced and healthy lifestyle – this is the main promise that Izvorul Zanelor makes to its consumers, who want to enjoy every day the pureness and freshness of the still water along with their families.

Streaming from the Harghita volcanic mountains, the Izvorul Zanelor spring water crosses different young volcanic formations dating from the Pliocene era, what ensures its natural purification. 

This is why Izvorul Zanelor spring water, is such a pure water, already at the source. Having its origin in a volcanic rock gives the water its perfect mineral balance, which makes it the perfect choice for the daily consumption of the whole family.
Being easy to assimilate, it is also proper for the preparation of baby food.

Izvorul Zanelor has its origin in a volcanic rock from the Ciomad Massif in the Harghita Mountains.  

Izvorul Zanelor has a balanced mineral composition, thus being easy to assimilate for the human organism.

The Izvorul Zanelor spring water is available in different formats, adapted to both home consumption for  families and on-the-go consumption for active people who are permanently on the move.